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Welcome to My Translation Services, your trusted agency for birth certificate translation services online in UK. Our team of experienced translators is well-versed in handling professional translation service for UK birth certificates in over 200+ languages. Whether you need your birth certificate translated from English to another language or vice versa, we have you covered.

Our certified translation for Birth Certificates accepted by all UK bodies and organizations, giving you peace of mind that your translated document will be recognized and accepted without any issues.

When it comes to translating birth certificates, accuracy and professionalism are paramount. Trust us for all your birth certificate translation needs in UK. Contact us today and let our team of expert birth certificate translators provide you with the high-quality translation services you deserve.

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Certified Birth Certificate Translation Services Company in UK

If you’re in need of a certified birth certificate translation service in UK, look no further than our reputable translation agency. We specialize in providing accurate and reliablele translation of birth certificates in UK, ensuring that your document is translated with precision and adheres to the highest standards.

As a trusted birth certificate translation agency in UK, we understand the importance of having a certified translation for official purposes. Whether you need to translate your birth certificate for passport applications, obtaining a driver’s licence, or as a valid form of identification, our professional translators are here to assist you.

To translate your birth certificate with us, simply provide us with the necessary details, such as the language pair and any specific formatting requirements. Our professional birth certificate translators will handle the rest, ensuring a flawless and precise translation of your birth certificate.

With our UK certified translation for birth certificates, you can have peace of mind knowing that your translated document will be accepted by all relevant authorities, organizations, and institutions. Don’t let language barriers hold you back – let us translate your birth certificate accurately and efficiently.

Offering UK Birth Certificate Translation in All Major Languages

Translating your birth certificate to English is a common requirement for various purposes, such as immigration, education, or legal proceedings. Our UK language translators are well-versed in translating birth certificates to English, adhering to official guidelines and industry standards.

Our team of professional translators is well-versed in handling translations of UK birth certificates from various languages into English, as well as translating birth certificates from English into other languages. 

  • Translation of Italian Birth Certificates
  • Translate Birth certificate to English
  • Translate birth certificate to Portuguese
  • Translation of French Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Italian Birth Certificates
  • Translation of German Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Russian Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Spanish Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Russian Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Hungarian Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Polish Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Chinese Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Koran Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Dutch Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Chinese Birth Certificates

Don’t let language barriers hinder your progress. Let us assist you in translating your birth certificate accurately and efficiently. Contact us at today and receive professional birth certificate translation services in UK in all major languages.

Pay To Translate My Birth Certificate in UK

We understand the importance of official documents like birth certificates and take the necessary steps to ensure that our translations meet all relevant standards and requirements.

Ordering a birth certificate translation with us is a simple and hassle-free process. Simply upload your document on our website, specify the target language, and provide any additional instructions or formatting requirements. We’ll provide you with a transparent and competitive quote, and once approved, our team will get to work on translating your birth certificate.

We provide birth certificate translation in UK in all major cities across, including birth certificate translation in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, and many more. Our translators are proficient in various languages, ensuring that we can handle your birth certificate translation needs, no matter what language it’s in.

Don’t let language barriers hold you back. Let us assist you with “birth certificate translation service near me” request accurately and efficiently. Contact us today at to receive professional birth registration documents translation.

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Translating Long & Short Birth Certificates at Cheap Prices

When a birth is registered in the UK, two certificates are issued: the short version and the long version. The short version confirms the entry in the registry and includes the child’s full name, date of birth, and town of registration. The long version, on the other hand, is a certified copy of the entry and provides more detailed information, including the names of the parents.

While translations of the short version can be made on request, we highly recommend translating the long version whenever possible. This ensures that all essential information, including the parents’ details, is accurately translated. It also allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the birth certificate.

At, we understand the importance of providing accurate translations at affordable prices. We offer cheap birth certificate translation services in UK, ensuring that you receive quality translations without breaking the bank.

Don’t let language barriers stand in your way. Contact our online translation services in UK, for reliable and cost-effective birth cert translation services in UK. Our team is ready to assist you with birth certificate translations by native speakers, ensuring that your birth certificate is accurately translated at affordable prices.

Official & Notarized Translation of Birth Certificate in UK

When it comes to official translation of birth certificates in UK, is your trusted partner. We specialize in providing legally certified birth certificate translations that meet all the necessary requirements.

Our professional translators are specialized in certified birth certificate translation accurately and with utmost attention to detail. We offer various levels of certification to cater to your specific needs:

  1. Standard Certification: One of our translation team members will carefully review and certify the accuracy of the translation.
  2. Solicitor Certified Translation: We can arrange for one of our translators to visit a local solicitor who will certify the translation by adding their signature to the certification.
  3. Apostille Certified Translation: In addition to obtaining certification from a solicitor, we can also assist in obtaining an apostille certificate on the translation. This ensures that the translation is legally recognized and accepted internationally.

We understand the importance of notarised translation of birth certificates, which is why we also offer notarized translation services. Our team can provide translation and notarization of birth certificates in UK, ensuring that it’s officially recognized and accepted by all relevant authorities.

We also offer FCO (Foreign Office) legalisation, which involves obtaining a legalisation certificate from the FCO. This process of FCO apostille affixed to your translation verifies the authenticity of the document, making it acceptable for use in official and legal purposes.

Our birth certificate sworn translation is not limited to translation and certification alone. We also offer work permit application services, ensuring that your translated birth certificate meets all relevant requirements for work permit applications.

Whether you need a translation of your birth certificate for work permit applications or any other purpose, we are here to assist you. Our approved certified document translation services in UK guarantee that our official birth certificate translations will meet all the necessary requirements for your specific application.

Contact us today at for birth certificate translation service NSW, including the option for birth certificate translation and apostille. Trust us to deliver accurate and officially recognized translations that cater to your needs.

Avail UK Birth Certificate Translation Services Online

At, we offer a convenient and efficient solution for translating your birth certificate, along with a host of benefits. By availing our online birth certificate translation services, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Officially & Fully certified: Our translations are officially and fully certified, ensuring that they meet the required standards and are recognized by relevant authorities, including the Home Office and courts.
  2. Fully authenticated: We ensure that our translations are fully authenticated, providing you with accurate and reliable translations of your birth certificate.
  3. Recognized by Home Office, courts, etc.: Our translations are recognized and accepted by the UK Home Office, HM Courts & Tribunal, Passport Office, UK NARIC, UK based embassies and academic Institutions. You can have confidence in the validity and acceptance of our translated birth certificates.
  4. Accompanied by a cover letter & official stamp: Along with the translated birth certificate, we provide a cover letter and official stamp, further enhancing the authenticity and credibility of the translation.
  5. Translated & Certified within 1-2 working days: We understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Our professional team strives to deliver translations and certifications within 1-2 working days, ensuring a prompt and efficient service.
  6. Official translation of foreign birth certificate: Whether you need a translation of foreign birth certificate to English or vice versa, we specialize in providing official translations that accurately convey the information on the original document.

When availing our online birth certificate translation service UK, you can be assured of transparent and competitive pricing. Please note that the birth certificate translation price may vary based on factors such as the language pair and the complexity of the document.

Choose our certified translation of birth certificates to ensure accurate and legally recognized translations. Contact us today for a reliable and best birth certificate translation service in the UK.

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Being a leader in translation and software localization, our portfolio includes a wide range of services in translation and localization

Q.1 Which is the best website to get birth certificate translation services in UK?

Ans: is a reputable website that offers birth certificate translation services in the UK. They have a team of professional translators who specialize in document translation, including birth certificates. With their expertise and experience, they can provide accurate and reliable translations for your birth certificate.

Ans: We have a team of skilled translators who are qualified to translate birth certificates. We have linguists who are fluent in both the source language of your birth certificate and the target language you require. These translators are experienced in handling official documents like birth certificates and understand the importance of accuracy and confidentiality.

Ans: Yes, we offers certified translations for birth certificates. Their translations come with a certificate of accuracy, stating that the translation is a true and faithful representation of the original document. This certification is typically accepted by official entities such as the Home Office and the Passport Office in the UK. However, it's always recommended to check with the specific institution or authority where you intend to submit the translated document to ensure their acceptance requirements.

Ans: Yes, takes the privacy and confidentiality of their clients' information seriously. They have strict policies in place to protect the confidentiality of all documents and personal data submitted to them. You can trust that your birth certificate and any associated information will be handled with utmost confidentiality.

Ans: The turnaround time for birth certificate translations may vary depending on factors such as the language pair, document complexity, and current workload. However, strives to provide efficient and timely services. We also provide urgent birth certificate translation services in UK, by delivering your translated birth certificate within 24 hours.

Ans: We offer certified translations of Birth Certificates for a wide range of languages. We have a diverse team of translators proficient in numerous language pairs, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and many more. We can handle you “translate birth certificate to english near me” requests. Get your birth certificate translated now!